tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

AA interview Ben & Danny

  • Interviewer: What are your plans for the future?
  • Ben Bruce: *pointing to Danny* We plan on getting married. We're engaged. We're going to adopt.
  • Danny Worsnop: We are.
  • Ben Bruce: It's gonna be a good time. We're really excited.
  • Interviewer: An African child?
  • Ben Bruce: An African child, an Arabic child...
  • Danny Worsnop: We're gonna be like Brad and Angelina, we're just gonna adopt everything.
  • Ben Bruce: Everything. One of everything. And then we can pick favorites.
  • Danny Worsnop: We can make them do running races to see who gets to eat that day.
  • Ben Bruce: Running races for our affection.
  • Danny Worsnop: Yeah. Whoever wins gets our love.
  • Ben Bruce: Whoever brings me a beer fastest, I love more.
  • Danny Worsnop: We're gonna train them to make, like, Nikes.
  • Ben Bruce: I don't like Nikes!
  • Danny Worsnop: We're gonna sell them, not for us. We're gonna train them to make liquor.
  • Ben Bruce: That's good. Have a little Moonshine laboratory with little kids making it for us. We're never gonna get a child now, Danny. They're never gonna give us one.

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