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1.) Bring me the horizon
Ooh my god i just absolutely love BMTH and Oli Sykes! Their music is so wicked and it always feels like their reading my soul or something (CORNY!!!). Oliver is such a hottie and i hope that someday i’ll be honored to enjoy their music on live too. 
BMTH - Braille
2.) Escape the fate
I felt so sorry for Ronnie when i started listening this band and found out that Craig wasn’t the original singer but most of the fans still liked him more (I did/do) :( Poor Ronnie :’( But yeah, ETF is one of my favorite bands too and i just truelly believe that the “Gorgeous nightmare” song has made only for me (Not that i would be one of those gorgeous nightmares of Craig Mabbit) :3 Love them <3
ETF - You’re so beautiful 
3.) Asking Alexandria
I just realized that i cannot decide which one of these bands is my favorite, so just ignore the numbers. Asking alexandria has been one of my forever favorite bands (from the day i first hear them). This Asking alexandria- fangirl thing of mine is actually because of my big brother (thanks, luv ya forever for this!) cause he made me listen them at the first place. First song i hear was “Not the american average” and i was totally hooked when i heard that song <3
Asking Alexandria - The last episode
4.) The pretty reckless
First i found out that Taylor Momsen has a band i was sure that it would be the same kind of crap as Lady Gaga. (D; i truelly can’t stand her!) But once i accidentally listened their song “Make me wanna die” i just couldn’t stop listening. I was so amazed that a skinny, blond, gossip girl- star was so talented and didn’t try to be like Rihanna or some other whore with a photoshopped body and fake tan. The pretty reckless is amazing band and Taylor is my style icon (kind of). 
The pretty reckless - Going down
6.) Panic! at the disco
aaww! I’ll never forget the first time i hear Panic! at the disco :D I was so toxicated by Brendon Uries sexy voice <3 I promised to myself that i’d marry him, so i guess i gotta make that happen xD I really liked their song “Ballad of Mona lisa” but then all the radio channels raped it and now i’m just so full of it that i cannot listen it anymore :( I HATE RADIO!
Panic at the disco - New perspective 
7.) My Chemical Romance
I’ve always listened MCR, but i haven’t really ever had any kind of an opinion about them :/ - UNTIL NOW! I’m totally in love with that band and i’m totally in love with Gerard! <3 Loving him forever (I just realized that i’m in love with many sexy band boys - that doesn’t make me a bandboy-whore doesn’t it? xD) Maybe one of the several reasons i like MCR is that Gerard voice is so blurry(in a good way) and crispy <3 Yummm
MCR - Teenagers
8.) Suicide Silence
I actually heard Suicide Silence first time only couple of days ago but i can already say that i’m a fan. Mitch Lucker stole my heart and i hope that someday i’ll get it back. That band is somehow so magical! It always amazes me over and over again. The best fucking screamo band ever!
Suicide Silence - Wake up
9.) Paramore
I don’t really know why i’m so hooked on Paramore - maybe it’s cause of Hailey(?) or her perfect hair :D lol No really, there is a really obvious reason for my fan-girling… cause they fucking rock! I can honestly say that i like every single song i’ve heard from Paramore and that is really amazing (and really really random). ‘Misery Busines’ and ‘Crush Crush Crush’ makes me wanna kick some ass (literally!) Yeah, well anyways i totally love them.
Paramore - Fences 
10.) Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin is a total rock ‘n roll legend and i absolutely love them! Led Zeppelin means really much to me because it’s something that me and my father share. They also kind of inspire me to go after my dream (what is to become a singer/guitarist) Jimmy Page is one of my biggest idols and i wish that someday maybe i could meet him. 
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven
11.) Patti Smith 
Patty is such a gorgeous woman and her voice is one of the greatest i’ve ever heard. shee has brought a feminist punk rock music, and intellectual perspective, and she is considered one of rock music, inspiringwomen of the stars. She’s such a great singer and song writer and not even comparable to someone like Avril Lavigne. 
Patti Smith - Rock ‘n roll nigger

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